Shoe Components
Our quality is based from a strong infrastructure, in CAUCHO HNOS. CHICO, we are centered exclusively in the quality of our products... These are made with natural rubber and synthetic rubber.

All our products are tested before use of the client, being our main success the one that our products have like objective the comfort of the end-user, then the tranquillity of our clients.

We invest in vanguardist technology for manufacturing of our products and we assured to our clients it durability.

With the constant efforts and an untiring work of our group, our products become our endorsement years in the last.

Our recognition and the great demand of the market proves the quality of our products, our production is supervised carefully by our personnel who tries to make sure that the end item fulfills the exigencies of our clients.


TELF: 96 696 91 86
FAX: 96 547 42 28

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